Friday, May 7, 2010


Angela Cazel Jahn, if you don't know this painter's work, you are missing out. So let me drop a little popular art knowledge on you.

just dreaming
housepaint on wood panel, 2010
And Angela is involved with Trustgallery.
Trustgallery happens in various locations at auspicious times in the general area of downtown Phoenix.
"It is not staffed. I hang the paintings, and then I go off and do my thing, and then after awhile I come back and collect any paintings that are still there. If you wish to purchase a painting from trustgallery, you simply take the painting off the wall and carry it home. When you get it home, you can pay for it by computer or snail mail." - Angela

Paintings exhibited in trustgallery are also posted on the trustgallery website:

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