Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man we have been slacking with the blogging!

Just a little update because we have been so buried in getting the book absolutely perfect, Cathy and I appear to have dropped off the face of the planet for a while. We have certainly encountered our fair share of obstacles in the design to get the book to it's final print stage including; bleed disasters, computer viruses and all in all the guide morphing into a monstourous book that neither of us could of ever planned for.

But I have to say.
And maybe this makes me sound like a pretentious a-hole...

That the Join and Cast guide looks amazing.

And it is printing in thanks to the amazing Dale at Complete Print Shop.
We have decided that because the book is something like a whopping 268 pages, and we can only print out around 100 copies, that all money made on the first print will go back into further printing of the book.

Yay! Further updates as they happen!

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